Cow Care Club

When we looked at the dairy industry we notice two problems. Number one, there are five key health issues that affect cows – and their milk production – time after time. Number two, those five key health issues are typically managed reactively by using custom feed mixes. What if instead of changing feed mixes to fix problems after they’ve happened, your feed mix was seasonally adjusted to help prevent those health problems?


Obtaining performance, health and profitability in the modern dairy cow requires diets to be accurately balanced to ensure that each successive limiting factor is catered for to meet the cow’s needs. Minerals are an important part of the diet as they are essential for many of the function of digestion, hormone regulation and efficient running of the major organs of the animal.

In designing the Cow Care range, the areas of; transition into lactation, fertility, udder health, hoof health and the effects of heat stress have been reviewed and accounted for.Each of these issues have direct and indirect costs to the business. Calculating these costs can be complex. A simpler way to evaluate the cost is to look at Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE).


The Victorian Farms Survey shows us that farms report a very wide range in FCE.

The top farms on FCE are achieving around 100gMS per KgDM. But, the average sits around 75gMS/KgDM.

Using Riverbank’s online Feed Conversion Efficiency calculator, lifting the FCE from 75 to 100gMS/KgDM for an average 300 cow farm would result in an extra Margin Over Feed and Forage of $232,000 at a $5.60 payout. More details can be found in our FCE note available here.

Join the customer club that helps boost milk production and profit, with real data, tools and advice.

Purchasing from the Riverbank Cow Care range provides you exclusive access, to the Cow Care club. You will get access to Milk Tracker. a management tool that plots your actual milk production against a prediction, to help you optimise your milk production through better nutrition decisions. The milk tracker also gives you:

  • Dairy Costings – which gives you a week by week assessment of not just margins, but also important metrics like Feed Conversion Efficiency
  • The Milk Composition Calculator – for estimating the likely value of changing the milk composition
  • The Milk Price Chart – which demonstrates the effect of nutrition on the milk price received by you
  • The Somatic Cell Count Cost Calculator  – that illustrates the cost of high somatic cell counts to your business as well as where to focus to address this

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